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Ask the ADHD Experts:
ADHD and College Students
March 2, 2016 Kevin Antshel, PhD offers an informative Q&A session on the unique challenges ADHD teenagers face as they prepare for college. Learn about this special time in life, how to prepare for and manage it, and discover the recommended support systems on most college campuses that enable success in academics.
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Ask the ADHD Experts:
ADHD Facts and Fiction
July 10, 2015 Foremost expert and researcher Stephen V. Faraone, PhD, presents the most common misconceptions and myths about ADHD and supplies the REAL FACTS that decades of science and research have revealed. We need to know these facts to best screen for, diagnose and treat ADHD. Dr. Faraone is the Principal Investigator and Professional Lead of this website, ADHD in Adults.
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ADHD International Consensus Statement July 2, 2015 As we celebrate July 4th weekend, ADHD in Adults is making available the ADHD International Consensus Statement put together by a gathering of 75 scientists summarizing the facts about ADHD.
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Ask the ADHD Experts:
Psychopharmacology of ADHD and Related Disorders
June 10, 2015 Renowned psychiatrist Joseph Biederman, MD, of Mass General and Harvard Medical School offers a complete survey of current medications for ADHD and comorbidities, discusses the evidence behind their efficacy, and the urgency for health professionals to treat ADHD in primary care.
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Ask the ADHD Experts:
Screening for ADHD in Primary Care Practices
May 13, 2015 In this warm-hearted session, Oren Mason MD, of Attention MD, describes how to identify people who should be screened for ADHD and how to interpret the screening. Tips are offered for organizing triggers in primary care practices. The satisfaction of patients and providers in treatment is discussed.
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Sage Publications:
Journal of Attention Disorders
April 28, 2015 ADHD in Adults announces relationship with Sage Publications’ Journal of Attention Disorders (JAD). Get FREE informative downloads and journal alerts.
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Training Veterans Administration Professionals April 2, 2015 ADHD in Adults is now training healthcare professionals of all types at the U.S. Veterans Administration, to improve care for those Vets whose PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse may be driven by underlying ADHD. All health professionals can enjoy our FREE ONLINE CME on ADHD in Adults from the convenience of their computer or mobile device.
Ask the ADHD Experts March 1, 2015 We’re making our Experts available MONTHLY to answer your questions about screening, diagnosis, treatment, medications, co-morbidities, alternatives and more. FREE for Early Registrations. Click to learn more and register.
ADHD in Adults Celebrates 1 Year!! January 1, 2015 Thank you for your support. In our first year online, we’ve trained 1,500 medical professionals on ADHD, achieved over 10,000 YouTube Video Views, and just passed 2,000 Likes on Facebook.
Weekly ADHD Blog December 1, 2014 Every Thursday, our Experts are publishing an informative blog about signs of ADHD in adults, adult ADHD treatment, ADHD treatment options, and diagnosing ADHD. Click to read the ADHD Blog. You can Subscribe!
NEW: ADHD GADGETS in our Store November 1, 2014 We’ve got books, and now helpful gadgets for patients with ADHD. Visit our ADHD Store today!

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ADHD in Adults is a legitimate diagnosis. We know that ADHD children (two-thirds of them) grow into ADHD adults. Due to century-old assumptions about the disorder disappearing after childhood, ADHD Adults and their primary care doctors are today beginning to understand the disorder and what can be done about it, safely and effectively, in adults. ADHD in has up-to-date, evidence-based accredited CME programs for healthcare professionals. Produced by Experts in the field.

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We are funded by a generous grant from AHRQ (the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research), a Division of Health and Human Services of the United States Government, which has identified ADHD in Adults as a priority condition for funding in health education. This educational project is under the professional guidance of APSARD, the American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders, the National Association of Continuing Education (NACE) which accredits our continuing education programs, and InQuill Medical Communications, award winning experts in CME and adult learning that bring you this website and multi-media content. We are in partnership with CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD), the largest consumer advocacy and education non-profit in the United States focused on ADHD.



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