Ask the ADHD Experts

“Diagnosing ADHD”


A panel of ADHD experts discusses the proven methods and procedures for diagnosing ADHD, which starts with a 6 question screener and 18 point symptom checklist, and moves on to taking a full history of the patient, with outside corroboration from third parties. The practitioner assesses ADHD symptoms and impairments, both required for a complete diagnosis.


Anthony Rostain, MD, MA, Chair (University of Pennsylvania); David Goodman, MD (Johns Hopkins); Mary Solanto, PhD (NYU Langone); Lenard A. Adler, MD (NYU Langone); Richard Gallagher, MD (NYU Langone), and James McCracken, MD (UCLA).  Recorded at the Annual Meeting of APSARD (American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders.)


12:47 minutes

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