Ask the ADHD Experts

“Natural Remedies / Alternative Treatments for ADHD”


A panel of ADHD experts discusses natural remedies for ADHD and alternative treatments for ADHD, covering the known efficacies of exercise, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT, or Cog Med), omega 3’s and diet. All options should be held to the same rigor of repeatable evidence-based results before being recommended. What is most interesting is not the treatments themselves, but how the patient feels about taking part in the treatments.


Anthony Rostain, MD, MA, Chair (University of Pennsylvania); David Goodman, MD (Johns Hopkins); Mary Solanto, PhD (NYU Langone); Lenard A. Adler, MD (NYU Langone); Richard Gallagher, MD (NYU Langone), and James McCracken, MD (UCLA).  Recorded at the Annual Meeting of APSARD (American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders.)


15:45 minutes

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