Screening for Adult ADHD

Lenard Adler MD, ADHD in Adults

Screening for Adult ADHD – 0.5 Credits

In this twenty-five minute course, Lenard Adler, MD, covers the broad steps for diagnosis of ADHD and the in-office use of two highly reliable patient self-report surveys:  the ASRS V1.1 6-Question ADHD Screener, and the 18 Point ADHD Symptom Checklist.  The Screener can be completed by the patient and serve as a prompt for a fuller ADHD diagnosis.  The 18 Point Checklist can be used with the patient initially to record the presence of the 18 core symptoms of ADHD, and then progressively through treatment to gauge symptom remission with a multi-modal treatment approach.

Brief Video about the ADHD Screener and 18 point Checklist