New ADHD Online Screener

Innovation with Updated Survey and New Technology!!

FREE ONLINE CME Screener Training and Qualification

  • Easy to Use

    6-question screener available online in your office.  Print result immediately for your records.

  • Updated for DSM V

    Our new ADHD Online Screener is now updated for DSM V with new questions incorporating ADHD symptoms and Executive Dysfunctions.

  • Online Training

    We have 1.75 hours of FREE CME training for you and your staff, to use the technology for initial screening and treatment follow-up.

Train Yourself, then Your Staff

  1. Train Yourself First
  2. Train Your Staff
  3. Administer to Patients

1.75 Online FREE ADHD CME Units- Click to Register

  1. The Science Behind the ASRS – 0.5 hours / credits
  2. Using the ASRS in Practice – 0.5 hours / credits
  3. Using the ASRS to Monitor Treatment – 0.75 hours / credits

My CME Training is Complete! Give Me Access to the Screener….

ADHD Online Screener Access

Dear Health Professional,

Thank you for completing the 1.75 FREE CME units listed above.

Please complete this form to the right, which gives us all the information we need to grant you a 3-year license to the NEW ADHD Online Screener.

The NEW ADHD Online Screener conforms with DSM-5 diagnosis criteria for ADHD, and the online tool makes it so easy for you and your staff to administer
the screener and print a record for your files.  You also get access to the updated 18 ADHD Symptom Checklist when you log in with your new account.

If you would like other Staff in your office to also have screener access, please have them complete the 1.75 CME Units listed above, and return to this page to apply for access under your practice’s name.
We will be happy to grant them access as well.

APPLY TODAY, by completing the Application to the right!

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