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Program Committee: Stephen V. Faraone, PhD, Program Director;
Lenard Adler, MD, David Goodman, MD, Co-Chairs, APSARD Education Committee;
Jonathan Marx, MBA, Media and Marketing Director

Your ADHD Screener Download

If you are an individual...

Complete this 6 Question Screener provided by the World Health Organization and take it to your ADHD health professional for next steps.  This 6 Question Screener IS NOT a diagnosis of ADHD.  It simply alerts your healthcare provider if a thorough diagnosis is advisable.  A thorough diagnosis includes a health history, possible input from others (spouse, family, teachers), and an assessment of daily challenges you may have.  

If you are a health professional...

This ADHD Screener and 18 Symptom Checklist provided by the World Health Organization give you reliable information about a patient’s situation which you can use as input for a complete diagnosis of ADHD.  The Screener may be placed in your waiting room, or given out and collected by staff as warranted.  You may learn more about Screening for ADHD and Diagnosis and Optimized Treatment of ADHD in our ADHD CME Online Learning modules here.

Instructions for use of the forms are included with your download.


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ADHD in Adults ASRS V1.1 Screener and Checklist for Health Care Clinics

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Lenard Adler, MD**
describes the purpose and use
of the Screener and Checklist.

**Dr. Adler is one of a small team who developed the ASRS V1.1 Screener and Checklist, now licensed by the World Health Organization.