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The ADHD Behind the Symptoms You See


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ADHD History – Stephen V. Faraone, PhD

ADHD Success Story

The ADHD Screener

ADHD 6 Question Screener and Checklist
Some people call this an ADHD test. Well, it’s not exactly a test. We refer to it as a screener. We have a six question ADHD screener you can download, approved by the World Health Organization, used by permission here. You can complete the screener and take it to your doctor.  The screener does not diagnose ADHD. It simply provides reliable information to your healthcare professional about symptoms of adult ADHD and helps in making a complete diagnosis.  We also have the ADHD Screener and 18 Symptom Checklist for professionals, which your clinician can use with you to diagnose and follow progress of symptom reduction when treated.

Download the ADHD Screener

Take the Screener to your Doctor. If your Doctor needs more education about adult ADHD, let her or him know about ADHDinAdults.com and our free, accredited, online education.

You'll be helping yourself, your Doctor, and our continuing web education services.