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Program Committee: Stephen V. Faraone, PhD, Program Director;
Lenard Adler, MD, David Goodman, MD, Co-Chairs, APSARD Education Committee;
Jonathan Marx, MBA, Media and Marketing Director

Ask the ADHD Experts – ADHD and Genetics

Ask the ADHD Experts Series


ADHD and Genetics

Presented by Stephen V. Faraone, PhD
SUNY Upstate Medical University
Principal Investigator – ADHD in Adults

Dr. Faraone reviews research on the genetics of ADHD,
how it is passed in families, the close relationship between ADHD and other disorders,
and how the genetics of ADHD in children and adults are remarkably similar, testifying
to the lifelong persistence of ADHD through the lifespan.


This session is for education and information purposes only. No information will be shared which suggests a screen or diagnosis for any particular individual. As always, ADHD in Adults refers all who have specific questions to their healthcare professional. ADHD in Adults assumes no liability in presenting this educational webinar, and all participants waive their rights to any legal or financial claim.
**No Continuing Education Credit is available for this session.**

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