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Kevin Antshel, PhD

Kevin Antshel, PhD is the Director of the Clinical Psychology Program and ADHD Lifespan Treatment, Education, and Research Program at Syracuse State University. He is also Associate Professor of Psychology at Syracuse State University, and Adjunct Associate Professor in Psychiatry at SUNY Upstate Medical University.

Adherence to ADHD Medication in College Freshmen

According to statistics released in 2014 by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center1, nearly 1 in 3 college students will drop out in their first year of college. While there are a variety of possible reasons (e.g., financial, etc.) for this sobering statistic, this finding highlights that transitioning to college can be challenging for a …

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ADHD and Entrepreneurship

Occupational impairments are one of the most common outcomes for adults with ADHD. As a function of ADHD symptoms and associated problems such as psychiatric comorbidities and executive function impairments, adults with ADHD often experience difficulties finding and maintaining jobs and are at increased risk for being unemployed or underemployed. Given the variety of outcomes …

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