ADHD and Women Part 2 – Differences in Treatment


Women and ADHD: Differences in Treatment


In this second of a two-part series on ADHD and Women, Ellen Littman, PhD discusses the unique situations of ADHD women with high IQs and those with hyperactive/impulsive presentation. The majority of the session focuses on the variety of successful therapeutic options for all women with ADHD.

This webcast was recorded live and is being used with the permission of the presenter. 

At the conclusion of this CME Activity, primary healthcare professionals will be able to:

  • Successfully identify ADHD women with high IQs and hyperactive/impulsive type for diagnosis and care
  • Support ADHD women in the primary care setting to communicate directly and self-advocate for optimal medical care.
  • Recommend psychotherapeutic treatments and make referrals to qualified local professionals
  • Identify comorbid disorders that are common to ADHD women, and take steps to treat the disorder along with the underlying ADHD

Presented by

Ellen Littman, PhD

Clinical Therapist in Priivate Practice
Mt. Kisco, New York

Course Runs: Sept 1, 2020 – Sept 1, 2021

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