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Program Committee: Stephen V. Faraone, PhD, Program Director;
Lenard Adler, MD, David Goodman, MD, Co-Chairs, APSARD Education Committee;
Jonathan Marx, MBA, Media and Marketing Director

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Anthony L. Rostain, MD MA*, shares the inspiration behind our ADHD CME Offerings.

*Former President of the American Professional Society for ADHD and Related Disorders (APSARD)

Presentations that should trigger screening for ADHD**

Clinical Presentations

Social Presentations

Self-Management Presentations

  • Depression, bipolar
  • Anxiety, OCD, PTSD
  • Poor SSRI response
  • Alcoholism or alcohol abuse
  • Substance abuse
  • Nicotine addiction
  • Multiple serious injuries
  • 2 or more STD’s
  • Crisis pregnancy
  • Medical non-compliance

  • Pattern of unstable relationships
  • Few friends
  • Poor social support network
  • School disciplinary problems
  • Divorce
  • Marital discord
  • Unresolved marital issues
  • Job loss and underemployment
  • Frequent job change
  • Arrest or incarceration

  • Late for appointments
  • Educational under-performance or curtailment
  • Multiple MVA’s or moving violations
  • Impulsive shopping
  • Burdensome debts
  • Credit overextension
  • Financial mismanagement
  • Late fees for taxes and bills
  • Recurrent gambling losses
  • Gambling addiction

**From Oren Mason’s ADHD CME presentation on “Diagnosing ADHD in Adults

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