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Program Committee: Stephen V. Faraone, PhD, Program Director;
Lenard Adler, MD, David Goodman, MD, Co-Chairs, APSARD Education Committee;
Jonathan Marx, MBA, Media and Marketing Director

ADHD CME – Integrating Pharmacologic and Alternative Treatments for ADHD


ADHD CME – Integrating Pharmacologic and Non-pharmacologic Treatments: An Evidence-Based Approach

Stephen V. Faraone, PhD, ADHD in Adults

Integrating Pharmacologic and Non-pharmacologic Treatments – 0.75 Credits

In this 40 minute presentation, Dr. Stephen Faraone, PhD presents the appropriate use of both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments for ADHD individuals. Non-pharmacologic treatments include cognitive training, meditation, diet inclusions and restrictions, and more. Dr. Faraone uses an evidence-based approach which evaluates the quality of evidence and magnitude of treatment effect (effect size) for each therapy. Further, treatments are categorized into broadband (treating many symptoms) vs narrow band (treating specific issues), and presents a helpful algorithm for healthcare providers to follow in combining broadband/narrow band as well as pharmacologic/non-pharmacologic therapies based on patient response and follow-up.