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Journal of Attention Disorders (JAD) focuses on basic and applied science concerning attention and related functions in children, adolescents, and adults. JAD publishes articles on diagnosis, comorbidity, neuropsychological functioning, psychopharmacology, and psychosocial issues. The Journal also addresses practice, policy, and theory, as well as review articles, commentaries, in-depth analyses, empirical research articles, and case presentations or program evaluations.


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Mindfulness Meditation Training in Adults and Adolescents With ADHD: A Feasibility Study Lidia Zylowska, Deborah L. Ackerman, May H. Yang, Julie L. Futrell, Nancy L. Horton, T. Sigi Hale, Caroly Pataki, and Susan L. Smalley

Literature Review: ADHD in Adults: A Review of the Literature Megan A. Davidson
Attachment and Autonomy Problems in Adults With ADHD Rosalien G. Koemans, Susanne van Vroenhoven, Annemiek Karreman, and Marrie H.J. Bekker
A Meta-Analysis of Decision-Making and Attention in Adults With ADHD Athanasia M. Mowinckel, Mads Lund Pedersen, Espen Eilertsen, and Guido Biele
ADHD Symptoms Across the Lifespan: A Comparison of Symptoms Captured by the Wender and Barkley Scales and DSM-IV Criteria in a Population-Based Swedish Sample Aged 65 to 80 Taina Guldberg-Kjär and Boo Johansson
Adult ADHD Screening in Alcohol-Dependent Patients Using the Wender–Utah Rating Scale and the Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale Constanza Daigre, Carlos Roncero, Laia Rodríguez-Cintas, Lluisa Ortega, Anna Lligoña, Sonia Fuentes, Jesús Pérez-Pazos, Nieves Martínez-Luna, and Miguel Casas
The Altered Brain Activation of Phonological Working Memory, Dual Tasking, and Distraction Among Participants With Adult ADHD and the Effect of the MAOA Polymorphism Chih-Hung Ko, Tsyh-Jyi Hsieh, Peng-Wei Wang, Wei-Chen Lin, Cheng-Sheng Chen,and Ju-Yu Yen

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