Late Onset and Atypical Forms of ADHD


Late Onset and Atypical Forms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


In this 50 minute presentation, Stephen V. Faraone, PhD presents atypical cases of ADHD which can confound diagnosis in the clinical setting. Clinical guidance is given in clarifying how to diagnose ADHD with late onset beyond the DSM-5 age of 12, as well as individuals with both low and high IQ who may also have ADHD. 

This webcast was recorded live and is being used with the permission of the presenter. 

At the conclusion of this CME Activity, primary healthcare professionals will be able to:

  • Separate the symptoms of intellectual disability and low IQ from symptoms of ADHD, in order to make an ADHD diagnosis
  • Identify significant impairments in high IQ that may lead to an ADHD diagnosis despite their intelligence
  • Diagnose young adults with ADHD whose symptoms may have developed or become more severe at ages older than the DSM-5 criterion of age 12

Presented by

Stephen V. Faraone, PhD

Distinguished Professor
Departments of Psychiatry and 
Neuroscience and Physiology
SUNY Upstate Medical University

President, World Federation of ADHD

Course Runs: Sept 1, 2020 – Sept 1, 2021

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